Successful Deliveries with MARSS

MARSS FAT testing at Ocean Marine Systems of through hull instrument hoist deployment system

MARSS FAT testing at Ocean Marine Systems of  their through hull instrument hoist deployment system.

Ocean Marine Systems has successfully completed the second FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of their through-hull instrument deployment hoist for security and safety systems integrator MARSS.

MARSS awarded Ocean Marine Systems the contract to deliver six deployment hoists, one for each Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) in build for the Malaysian Navy. The first two hoists have already successfully passed their FAT’s and been delivered, with the final four on schedule. The unique hoists form part of the MARSS NiDAR system which integrates multiple sensors to deliver a 360º air, surface and underwater security perimeter.

To date Ocean Marine Systems have delivered several hoists to the security and survey industry. The hoists offer a uniquely stable way to deploy instruments offering protection from underwater threats or provide a platform for survey work whilst maintaining a constant speed. In this specific case, Ocean Marine Systems installed the customer supplied sonar, a bespoke gate value actuator as well as designing a more compact unit without compromising functionality.

The Ocean Marine Systems through-hull instrument deployment hoists allows MARSS to provide underwater perimeter security 24/7 365 days a year.

Rob Balloch from MARSS stated:

“The LCS’ are currently in build at Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia with the first launch due in 2019, and the remaining five within the year. We are really pleased with joint development work on this solution and look forward to future joint projects with the instrument hoist experts at OMS.”

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Swing deployment systems being tested in advance of client factory approval. OMS manufacture unique systems to deploy thru-hull instrumentation suitable for deploying any subsurface instrument. Used for survey, tracking, defence and security applications worldwide. OMS lead the field in retracting marine instrument deployment. #omsdeployment #OMS #MCMS #marinesecurity #marinedefence #marinesurvey #rovtracking #subsea #sonardeployment ...

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Twin OMS vertical retracting thrusters, stripped, serviced and fully factory rebuilt. Our unique hard ceramic coated legs remain as good as the day they were first constructed. OMS units are the lightest in class but remain built to last and built to work! #OMS #OMSthrusters ...

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Monday morning 10am and we have a ‘fleet’ of new 2021 designed bowthrusters built, tested and ready to ship to Finland. Commercial fixed tunnel hydraulic units, class approved and ready to work. #OMS #OMSthrusters #bowthrusters ...

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Testing a new solution for a client, using twin single acting rams with an accumulator to provide full (and very long) extension. A new and innovative answer for a 45m vessel. #OMS #OMShydraulics #marinehydraulics ...

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Providing the very best in bow thruster technology means a commitment to research and development specifically prop, hub and tunnel interfaces. In water thrust measuring allows us to quantify our design changes. This is 100kW / 133hp hub undergoing evaluation with a modified tunnel profile. #OMS #OceanMarineSystems #bowthruster ...

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OMS are leaders in retractable through hull deployment. Marine Survey, Defence and Exploration solutions. Supplied custom and to class approval. 1-3,000mm stroke solutions with options for rotating and tilt with extreme control and accuracy. #OMSdeployment #OMS #marinesurvey #MCM #SonarHoist #yachtsecurity ...

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OMS through-hull deployment. Suitable for commercial and defence applications. Low magnetic options, with full automation controls. Class approved certification and proven success records. Ocean Marine Systems are the leader in through-hull deployment solutions. #OMS #Sonarhoist #MCMtechnology #MCM #marinesurvey #ASV ...

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