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The beginning of a building the worlds best retracting 100kW thruster, starts with first class fabrications and composite bearings. #OMS #OMSthrusters #bowthruster ...

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Our engineering team is on site in Holland commissioning 2x OMS swing thrusters for a new 56m (184ft) build. Final checks are carried out by the same team that assembled the units at the factory. #OMS #OMSthrusters #bowthruster #thruster ...

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OMS Bow-thruster tunnels available in lightweight fibreglass or for an even more extreme performance project, carbon fibre. Matched with titanium components OMS make the lightest KG per KW thrusters in the market. Suiting project’s from 25-100m LOA. #OMS #performanceyachts #bowthruster #titanium #carbonfibre #retractable ...

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10 May, 2022

Use The Force

Bow thrusters are simple, aren’t they? It’s just a tunnel and a prop and some noise, right? Well yes, often this is the case. Your bow thruster may well consist…

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OMS Deployment Hoist

13 January, 2022

OMS Hoists In Production

Where precision composite meets precision deployment, our team need to be at their absolute best. New generation deployment solutions are well underway at OMS. Low magnetic, lightweight for Through-Hull survey,…

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FAT online at OMS.ltd

18 June, 2021

FATs go online

During these times of COVID-19, our Factory Acceptance Trials (FAT) are often choreographed online via webcam. To make this possible, and seamless it requires a well-organised team over several hours…

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