Busy Service times for Hydraulics service agent MHS

MHS hydraulic service agents for OYS in PalmaIt’s been a busy few months for our hydraulic service agent in Palma, Marine Hydraulic Solutions (MHS). We have noticed an increase in the work MHS are undertaking with them, the result of the strengthening relationship between the two companies as well as an increase in the movement of boats in and out of Palma with the continued development of the superyacht infrastructure.

Sedwin Maria, Operations Manager at MHS, comments;

“We have a fantastic working relationship with the team both in the UK and on-site. We have excellent communications between us and always get a very fast response from their designers, who facilitate access to all the drawings and technical information we need for their vangs and rams when completing service work or making modifications.”

Palma is an increasingly popular destination for superyachts and the main yard, Servicios Technicos Portuarios (STP), has invested in infrastructure to help promote growth with a new 1,000-ton travel lift. Sedwin reports that MHS, and sister company RSB Rigging Solutions, have certainly noticed an increase in the number of 50-80m yachts, with both visiting Palma for works and contracting their services.

MHS welcomes many onsite engineers into their workshop in STP and they often assist the engineers with various projects; such as with the bow-thrusters. The companies work well as a team due to the trust and confidence in each other’s abilities. Sedwin goes on to comment;

“We have developed a very good relationship with Ian Crowden, technical director. It is always a pleasure to see Ian when he visits our facilities and he has often been involved in coordinating all communication.”

For more information on MHS visit – marinehydraulicsolutions.com

Inspecting one of our super light titanium carbon bowthrusters. At an amazing sub 50kg (including all motors), our vertical retracting bowthruster works efficiently to manoeuvre this 38m monohull. Lighter, faster, better; OMS thrusters. #superyacht #bowthruster #carbonyacht #OMS #OMSltd ...

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Busy times. Twin bow thrusters being assembled for a 90m (295ft) new build motoryacht. 142kW of power each, driven via PM electric motors. Plus a matching OMS swing retracting stern thruster aft. #OMS #OMSthrusters #bowthrusters ...

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Nice to catch up with our colleagues @nautorswan_official today. Just checking on their little performance ClubSwan 125 with its super lightweight titanium OMS retractable thruster, whilst she is here in the uk. Lovely build, lovely crew. Onwards to the next event for them. The fastest yachts in the world use OMS gear. We build the lightest without compromise. #OMS #nautourswan #clubswan125 #swanyachts #OMSthrusters ...

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Swing sonar deployment. At fast service speeds OMS can accurately deploy your survey / detection instruments. Diver detection, survey, MCM applications. Check us out online at OMS.ltd #diverdetection #marinesurvey #sonar #OMS #OMSthrusters ...

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By using modern soft composite technology, OMS are making lighter hydraulic rams. The use of titanium and high load strops allows us to hydraulically seal whilst allowing us to reduce deflection on an unloaded but extended piston rod. 6000mm stroke and 45000kg BL rams under construction now at OMS. Beautiful SK99 ropework from our friends @marlowropes
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are the experts in sonar deployment machines. Thru-hull designs use swing or vertical deployment to provide easier, faster and repeatable under ship positioning. Our machines provide the most efficient solutions for survey and defence operations.

Designed and made by experts, OMS.

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We do get ourselves in strange positions. Here the OMS team is commissioning a new fixed tunnel bowthruster with its glycol cooled Permanent Magnet motor. #bowthruster #OMS #OMSbowthruster ...

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Constant product evolution. Whilst we feel OMS leads the market in retracting large yacht thrusters, constant evaluation and improvement is always at the forefront of our design teams agenda. #OMS #OMSthrusters #bowthruster #yachtdesign #superyacht #OMShydraulics ...

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