Evolving and meeting the demands of the leisure and commercial marine market

Ben Green OMS Head of Design at British Marine ConferenceBen Green Head of Design for Ocean Marine Systems was invited to talk at the British Marine Conference 2022 on maximising revenue through disruption. Talking on a panel alongside a sailing clothing company and the other a navigation app developer, the panel presented their approach to product development and diversification to a receptive audience.

The OMS Product range has two sides, historically up until 2005 the company heritage is above the waterline, designing, manufacturing, and helping to install some of the largest superyacht rigs in existence at the time. As a company, we also made the largest hydraulic rams for sail controls.

The markets were changing, as well as seeing a growth in motorboats, there was also a shift in the business and the development of a new product line in yacht and commercial marine thrusters. OMS stamped their place in the market, supplying a number of key yards in the UK, Europe, South Africa and across the Pacific in New Zealand and the Atlantic into America.

But the product development didn’t stop there.

One of the options OMS offers is a retracting rotating thruster; this proposition deploys vertically and can rotate 360 degrees whilst delivering thrust. This provides steerable thrust that increases manoeuvrability for berthing or in conjunction with any dynamic positioning system. But wait there’s more.

The same technology and skill set that is used to retract and rotate the thruster can be used to meet other needs such as the deployment of sonar, security cameras and marine surveying equipment. The hoists offer a stable platform

Today you will find these through-hull instrument deployment hoists in commercial survey boats, military vessels and superyachts.

Times continue to change and as they do OMS evolve. Today the big conversation is about ‘being greener and more sustainable and OMS has noticed a shift of enquires and projects for their [already in existence] range of electric sail drive legs, thrusters and hoists. OMS is at the forefront in the supply to meet this demand.

“Primarily we are an engineering business,” explains Ben Green. “Our focus is on engineering custom solutions that ultimately solve a client’s problem, whether that is through the provision of enabling accurate data from a survey, enabling them to manoeuvre safely or control their ever-increasing sail area.”

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All set for day 2 at the International Workboat Show and Underwater Intervention 💪 #iwbs23 #thrusters #hydraulics #commercialmarine #sonardeployment ...

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Super yachts deserve super engineering. Custom OMS double acting hydraulic vang ready for shipping. ...

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Ready for Day 1 at METS2023.
Come see us at 12.540
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Nearly there. Stand 12.540 housing all 9 BSI Marine Equipment Group companies. #METS2023 ...

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The OMS Thruster has been shipped, our flights are booked and we will soon be on our way as @metstrade 2023 opens it`s doors this time next week.

Find the OMS team alongside @bsimarinegroup in Hall 12 and Stand 540.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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A busy week building, testing and shipping out retracting electric and hydraulic thrusters. #bowthruster #OMS ...

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OMS bow and stern thrusters. ...

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The @bsimarinegroup stand at Monaco Yacht Show is coming together. Come see us at DS9 to discuss BSI rigging, OMS thrusters, Hundested CP props and drives. Or just come and say hi, but do bring your sunglasses 😎. ...

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