Customer Success at World Superyacht Awards

Spirit-yachts-geistCongratulations to Spirit Yachts on winning Sailing Yacht of the Year 2021 in the Boat International World Superyacht Awards 2021.

At 33.9m long, Geist was built by Spirit Yachts with Naval Architecture and exterior design by Sean McMillan of Spirit Yachts and interior design by Tom Smith of Spirit Yachts and Rhoades Young Design. She is a classical yacht built using sustainable materials, whilst minimising the impact on the environment.

Geist and the team at Spirit Yachts have utilised advanced technology keeping it out of sight for aesthetic reasons, and her ‘environmental heart’ should not be overlooked. The judges at the awards felt she is a mix of top quality, traditional beauty, innovative interior design and advanced technology.

Geist is equipped with an OMS Sail Control Cylinder package, custom made for this project, which included double acting stainless vang, backstays and traveller & halyard rams.

“It has been a pleasure supplying Geist and Spirit Yachts with custom hydraulic cylinders,” comments Mark Barwell Sales Director for OMS. “Their craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none, and this project is simply stunning. With several other (soon to be launched) projects from Spirit Yachts featuring OMS equipment, we look forward to a future of working together.”

More on OMS Hydraulic Cylinders can be found here

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OMS custom single and double acting hydraulic cylinders. Get in contact about your next project. #OMS ...

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We are busy building bowthrusters for projects in Finland, Holland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, UK, Singapore, Spain and The Isle of Wight! Truly international. ...

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The large yacht sector is full of one off prototype projects. Owners are often keen to be different, push the envelope and work with suppliers to be unique. Back in 2016 we saw the launch of this 53m project. Unusual, unique and really quite something. Featuring OMS retracting thrusters to ensure high speed performance and low hull resistance. Are you still using open thruster tunnels on your motor yacht, why not reduce drag, increase performance and use OMS swing or vertical deploying units? Times are changing. Keep up.

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Quality control at OMS includes full X-ray inspection of our cast components. The raw casting receives a full inspection before moving onto the internal machining stage. Aluminium bronze, Titanium and LM25 components all go through this process. #OMS #Bowthrusters #OMSdeployment ...

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Another small one to deal with. Our team recently dropped in on this 85m to ensure her recently factory serviced thrusters were back and installed correctly. Direct factory support from our engineering and project management team. #OMS #bowthruster ...

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OMS retracting bow thrusters. Quiet, efficient electric driven systems for your vessel. Contact Us for your next project.

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More retracting electric thrusters. Super efficient, compact and powerful units being delivered to a 42m vessel. #oms #bowthruster ...

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