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Instrument Deployment Systems

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We design and manufacture a range of mechanisms that offer reliable and repeatable methods of deploying under hull instrumentation. Our systems allow instruments to be deployed through or away from a vessels hull, allowing for detection and survey instrumentation to operate at their absolute optimum.

Vertical Units

Ocean Marine Systems Vertical Throu-hull instrument deployment hoistOur standard vertical designs can be used with an automated gate valve and sea chest arrangement. If required, the sea chest can provide access to the instrument head(s) whilst afloat making for easy exchange or maintenance works. These features save both time and money. We can manufacture deployment strokes of 1-4m and can allow for in-service speeds between 2 and 12 knots meaning faster and more accurate survey work. Low magnetic options are available on all designs.

Our solutions can be provided with PLC control system plus local and remote-control panels. The language and operational criteria are flexible to meet your requirement.

In addition to the vertical stroke, we can also offer full 360 degrees of rotation as well as a +/- tilt function on the application. Our systems will add value to your instrument asset.









Swing Deployment

For installations where the vertical room is limited, we offer a swing deployment system. Designed to be installed as one module, the unit can be mounted to any flat section of the vessels hull. The fabricated inner and outer boxes offer a compact design with an integral door mechanism allowing for a fair hull when retracted or deployed.

The length of the deployment leg can be adjusted for each application with the head mounting also allowing considerable adjustment for side scan mounting or an offset horizontal depending on hull form.

The Solution can be supplied with our PLC control system including local and remote-control panels. The language and operational criteria are flexible to your requirement.

Designed to suit tight installations our design is compact, simple to install and quite unique.



Our builds can be delivered with class approval and to MIL Spec standards as required.


We support our installations with a worldwide network of service engineers and partners.

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