Precision Engineering for the Marine Industry

A busy start to the new decade

Ocean-Marine-systems-vertical-hoistWe are experiencing a busy period of new orders for the private and commercial sector here at the factory.

During the spring of 2020, our team here at Ocean Marine Systems are building several of our larger traditional vertical retracting units for USBL and diver detection. We also have some of our new groundbreaking swing deployment designs with integral automatic doors currently in build.

All hoists are client-specific and under construction to Classification Society rules or MIL standards. They range in deployment depths from 1m to 3m (distance from the hull). With automatic retraction technology fitted, they can operate at speeds up to 6 knots. Each hoist comes complete with a custom-designed control system.

Ocean-marine-systems-instrument-deploymentExporting worldwide, we are unique in engineering and delivering custom deployment machines for almost any through-hull instrument.